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Tutorial on how to use ZOOM for teleconference meetings

The Presbyterian Women of Mission Presbytery is the service organization for the Presbyterian Women's groups in the individual congregations. Formerly knows as the Women of the Church, this organization plays an important role in the community as a whole , as well as in the individual churches.

Presbyterian Women Coordinating Team

Co-Moderator:  Lori Black -

Co-Moderator:  Sheri Dittman -


The Presbyterian Women's Coordinating Team (PWCT) provides stimulation, coordination, and support for mission, evangelism, social justice, and ecumenical partnerships among women of Presbytery and brings the resources of women's programs into the life and mission of Presbytery.

Please read more about us and what we do at the Presbyterian Women of Mission Presbytery website.

Presbyterian Women's Spring Gathering "New Beginnings" ,  March 18 &19 at Mo Ranch

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