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As many of you may have heard, thousands of refugees have been dropped in communities along the border. Sister Norma and the Catholic Charities Respite Center have had 1500 of God's children enter their facility in about 36 hours Thursday, and they are not sure when it will subside. There is a desperate need for hygiene items, diapers in all sizes. The Respite Center has/is running out of most things. Catholic Charities needs used clothes in good condition, hygiene supplies (everything you use they need, except by the hundreds), diapers, all sizes, and wipes (think of how many you need per day per child, multiply that by 100 and plan to take a trip across the country by bus), and new underwear, including socks (we have all survived an extra day or two without changing for one reason or another, details are not important, but some of the refugees have not had clean underwear in weeks, how does that feel).


Please help us spread the word by sharing this post. Everything can be shipped directly to Catholic Charities Respite Center 209 W. Hackberry, McAllen, Tx 78501 +1 (956) 648-6361


Thank you for helping those in need.


The need is great along the border

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