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Tutorial on how to use ZOOM for teleconference meetings

Co-Chairs: Jack Barden and Jon Watt - 


The Commission on Ministries (COM) serves as pastor and counselor to Teaching Elders; facilitates relationships between congregations, Teaching Elders, and Presbytery; mediates difficulties on behalf of Presbytery; and serves as an Administrative Commission of Presbytery for the purpose of: (1) ordaining and installing Teaching Elders and Commissioned Ruling Elders to particular pastoral service, (2) approving terms of calls and contracts; and, (3) examining and receiving Teaching Elders by transfer from other presbyteries for the purpose of accepting valid calls to ministry in Mission Presbytery.


Meeting Dates/Locations:

February 5, at Cross Roads, San Antonio 

April 8, via Zoom

June 3, at Cross Roads, San Antonio

August 5, via Zoom

October 7, at Cross Roads, San Antonio

December 2, via Zoom

Coaching for Members of Mission Presbytery

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