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That is a question often asked by members of congregations. There is really no simple answer to that question, for a presbytery is many things:

  • It is a connectional body of churches and minister (teaching elder) members in a geographic area. Mission Presbytery consists of 134 churches in South Central Texas. Geographically this is an area that stretches from the Rio Grande Valley to Del Rio, into the Hill Country as far north as Adamsville, southeast to Collegeport, south to Brownsville and places in between, including Austin, San Antonio, Victoria, and Corpus Christi. The population of Mission Presbytery includes over 300 Teaching Elders and approximately 21,800 lay members.

  • It is a governing body with responsibilities for oversight of its teaching elders and churches.

  • It is a community of Presbyterian churches engaged in ministry and mission for our Lord.

With 134 worshipping communities and over 300 teaching elders, not many of us can claim to know everyone in the presbytery. The hope of this web page to enable us to have more of a sense of being the Church together.

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