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2020 Chair: Fred Gamble,




Stewardship & Fiscal Oversight as a sub-committee of General Council, promotes biblical stewardship, serves as a liaison between the Presbytery and congregations on fiscal matters, develops the annual budget, monitors sources and use of funds, and guides the General Council on fiscal matters in support of the vision and mission of the Presbytery. This committee is also responsible:


  1. To provide oversight to the ongoing business operations of Mission Presbytery including investments, business processes, accounting, insurance, and other business matters of Mission Presbytery.

  2. Arrange for an annual financial review of Mission Presbytery and John Knox Ranch business operations.

  3. Prepare annual budgets for Mission Presbytery and John Knox Ranch.

  4. Monitor ongoing expenditures throughout the year, including large expenditures and recommending constraints on spending to General Council when anticipated annual revenue and expenses have significant variance.

Resources & Information:



2020 Meeting Dates:

  • Fiscal Oversight meets the second Wednesday of each month, 10:00 A.M.--Noon @ Mission Presbytery Conference Room

  • Stewardship meets the Tuesday following Fiscal Oversight, 3:30-4:30 P.M. via conference call.


We are Mission Presbytery, a part of the Presbyterian Church (USA), serving Christ in the world. We are BETTER TOGETHER.



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