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Emily McAllister -

Neil McKown -


Caitlin Supcoff -


Committee Members:

Rev. Katy Bedford


A. To model the “Five Intentions of Youth Ministry” by providing education, encouragement, and commitment to local congregations and to the wider church.

  1. To call young people to be disciples of Jesus Christ.

  2. To respond to the needs and interests of young people.

  3. To work together in partnership, young people and adults.

  4. To be connected to the whole church, community, and the world.

  5. To be inclusive of all young people.


B. Organize events and activities for youth and youth leaders in Mission Presbytery as well as encourage participation and support for those events: Midwinter Youth Conferences at Mo-Ranch, Youth at Presbytery, the Main Event for Youth at John Knox Ranch, Presbyterian Youth Triennium, College Retreat at John Knox Ranch, and Confirmation Retreat at John Knox Ranch.

C. To promote youth ministries throughout Mission Presbytery and to support and nurture youth and youth leaders within Mission Presbytery through the website, social media, the youth ministry email list, and youth leader training events.

D. To support and encourage our connectional system through regional area youth gatherings and regular regional meetings of youth workers for fellowship and support.

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