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Tutorial on how to use ZOOM for teleconference meetings

Clerks of Session

2023 IRS standard mileage is 65.5 cents per mile

2023 cost of living adjustment is 8.7%

2023 Per Capita is $9.85

Proposed Amendments to the Constitution

Video on Statistical Reports (via Google Drive: Click Here)


Reports to Presbytery:


2023 Clerk of Session Contact Information:

2023 Church & Clerk of Session Information Update Form


2022 Necrology Report:

Necrology Report for the Year 2022



Terms of Call Reporting


2023 Minimum Terms of Call Information

2023 Annual Terms of Call Form for Pastors & Educators

Book of Order

2019-2021 Book of Order - English

2019-2021 Libro de Orden - Español

2019-2021 규례서 - 한국어

2019-2021 KITAB PENATAAN - bahasa Indonesian

2019-2021 TRECHOS DA CONSTITUIÇÃO - Em Português




Session/Congregation Minutes & Records Checklist


Mission Presbytery – Review of Session Minutes

2022 Annual Statistical Reports

The 2022 Annual Statistical Report will open on December 2, 2022. 

The absolute deadline to submit reports online is February 14, 2023.

Workbooks in English, Korean, and Spanish, as well as the Statistical Report itself, are available here:


If you need any help, please contact Laurie Palmer, Stated Clerk, at

Retention Schedule for Congregations

Church Nominating Committee Handbook

Clerks of Session Appendix

Clerks of Session Handbook

Committee Moderators Handbook

Parliamentary Procedures for Moderators

Ruling Elders Handbook

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