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Committee on Preparation for ministry



The Committee on Preparation for Ministry (CPM) is responsible for the care and supervision of candidates for Ministry of the Word per the Book of Order, and serves as an Administrative Commission of Presbytery for the purpose of: 1) transferring candidates for the ministry to other presbyteries, and 2) receiving candidates by transfer from other presbyteries for the purpose of accepting valid calls to ministry in Mission Presbytery.

Preparation for Ministry of Word and Sacrament is often an intimidating process ofr one who senses they've heard God's call to this office of the church, but aren't sure where to begin. We encourage you to meet with your home church pastor and pastors, to refer to this Advisory Handbook from the PC(USA) for understanding the process's shape and form.

Note: Before you can begin this process or complete or submit any forms, you MUST contact the Chair of the committee on Preparation for Ministry, shown above. 

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Forms for Ruling Elders:

Ruling Elder Application for Commissioning Qualifica
tion in Mission Presbytery
Session Endorsement for Ruling Elder Application to Mission Presbytery's Program of Commissioning Qualification

Forms for Inquirers and Candidates: 

All Inquirers and Candidates need to follow the Checklist for CPM Paperwork (click here to download.docx). Use this guide to ensure documents are properly  completed and submitted as you progress through the process.


NOTE: All forms and other requested information is due in the Presbytery office one month prior to the stated meeting of CPM Inquirers/Candidates arranged to attend.


Remember, send all forms to: and


Stated Clerk

Mission Presbytery
7201 Broadway, Ste 303
San Antonio TX 78209

Meeting Dates/Locations

 January 26 (at A.P.T.S.)

April 5 (by Zoom)

May 10 (at A.P.T.S.)

September 20 (at A.P.T.S.)

November 8 (at A.P.T.S.)

Forms to use with Candidates

Forms for Advancing to Candidacy:

READ THIS FIRST, for completing Form 5A

Form 5A — Application to be Enrolled by Presbytery as a Candidate, include answers to 6 questions in "READ FIRST..."

Form 5B — Session Evaluation and Recommendation for Candidate, and a Letter from Session that includes the rationale for endorsement. 

Form 5C — Report of the consultation to become a Candidate

Form 5D — Covenant Agreement and Candidate Release

Up-to-Date Transcripts 

Forms for Annual Consultations

Form 3 — Pre-consultation Report on Development Areas

Form 4 — Report on Consultation 

Up-to-Date Transcripts

Evaluations from:

1) Supervisor of Supervised Practice of Ministry Placement and/or CPE supervisor, and  
2) your Self-Evaluation of these ministry experiences

Any other relevant information the CPM needs (e.g., If you've been required by us to seek counseling, an evaluation/report from that person) 

Forms to use to Report actions to others

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For Annual Consultation and Final Assessment

Form 3 - Pre-consultation on Development Areas
Up-to-Date Transcripts
Evaluations from:

1)  Supervisor of Supervised Practice/Ministry or CPE supervisor, and
2)  Your Self-Evaluation of these ministry experiences

Exegesis of Particular Biblical Text
Sermon on Above Text
Statement of Faith - One page
Personal Information Form (PIF) - Draft
Evidence of Attending Boundaries Workshop--refer to Checklist
Evidence of Attending Financial Planning Workshop--refer to Checklist

For Final Assessment Only

Exegesis Paper of Particular Biblical TextSermon Manuscript Based on Above Text - Candidate preaches a sermon for CPM as part of Final AssessmentStatement of Faith - One pagePersonal Information Form (PIF) - Draft 

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