Policies & Procedures

BY-LAWS 2018
HANDBOOK: Committee on Preparation for Ministry (MO App D))
HANDBOOK: Nominations Committee (MO App F)
HANDBOOK: Personnel Committee (MO App A-1)
HANDBOOK: Youth Connection Committee (MO App P)
HANDBOOK: Church Development & Evangelism (App L) 6-2017
HANDBOOK: Committee on Ministry (MO App C)
HANDBOOK: Committee on Representation (MO App E)
HANDBOOK: Education & Congregational Nurture (MO APP M)
HANDBOOK: Fiscal Oversight Committe (MO App A3)
HANDBOOK: General Council Revised 2018 (MO App A)
HANDBOOK: HMK Memorial Fund Trustees (MO App H)
HANDBOOK: Pastoral Care Committee (MO App O)
POLICY: Background Checks
POLICY: Code of Sexual Ethics
POLICY: Disaffiliation & Property Negotiation/Settlement Process
POLICY: Gracious Separation 10-14-2016
POLICY: Pastor Assessments
POLICY: Personal Extended Leaves of Absences
POLICY: Personnel Employee Policies & Procedures
POLICY: Sexual Abuse and Harassment
POLICY: Associate & Temporary Pastors as Next Installed Pastor-10-24-2015
POLICY: Dissolution of Pastoral Calls
POLICY: Ending Ministry Well
POLICY: Gifts and Securities to Mission Presbytery
















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